Gunmetal Gods

by Zamil Akhtar

An epic fantasy twist on the Crusades, with masked magi, angels right out of Revelation (think lots of extra eyes and wings), and a healthy dose of Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones.

I didn’t devour it, but I really enjoyed it and I’m starting the second book in the series right … now.

Crusaders: The Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Lands

by Dan Jones

If you love stories about ancient secret societies as much as I do, you should know the history of the Crusades. That’s where many of those stories were born. Crusaders is not a typical history book; it is a collection of stories about people. Storytelling, not academic recitation of facts. It’s a good first encounter for those new to the Crusades, and adds context for anyone who has already read some Crusader history.